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Belinda Queen Stands for P-E-O-P-L-E!

My grammar may not be perfect. My diction and, even, handwriting is not without flaws. Furthermore, I have made my share of mistakes. Plenty of them! However, what I am Godly proud of is my unwavering commitment to the people of Prince George's County (and specifically the people of Councilmanic District 6). 

Having raised, fostered, and cared for so many children in the county, I am happy to be affectionately known by some as Momma Queen. You know me to be straightforward, no nonsense and loving all at once; I have devoted my life (before God) to stand for what is right and what is productive--not only for our working adults, but for our seniors and our children. That is why I served on the Central Committee and on the School Board. Now, I feel even more blessed to take my public service further and fight on your behalf as a member of the County Council.  Below, are the top priorities that I will champion while representing District 6. For me, it's all about the PEOPLE:  

P: Public Safety

E: Education

O: Opportunities for Small Businesses

P: Public Works

L: Livability

E: Economic Development


Public Safety

Our seniors, working families, and our children all deserve a safe place to live, work and play. Greater supervision and management of resources allocated to our police department and other public safety entities is needed to help reform how we care for our community. It is not enough to simply say, "community policing". I am demanding evidence of true community engagement, activism, and leadership by our police. I am not for de-funding, I am for reforming!

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The Prince George's County School System deserves an advocate who not only wants to see things change, is a voice for parents and students, but one who has the experience and knowledge necessary to adequately stand up for change. Voted to represent district 6 on School Board (in 2018), I intimately understand the issues facing our students and schools. I ran a successful campaign to put Kids First, for a Change! The next level of leadership will afford me the opportunity to continue putting our kids first!

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Opportunities for small businesses

Small businesses within Prince George's County are not limited. However, a greater focus and actual resources need to be purposefully delegated to our businesses. We must educate, empower, and elevate them. Educate in terms of providing learning and growth opportunities. Our small business leaders need our support to wisely grow their business. Many business owners would jump at the opportunity to do business with the government (local, state, and federal). Many just need the know-how. Empower, not only in terms of funding opportunities, but smart legislation that allows businesses the freedom to do business can go a long way.  Furthermore, it is time to Elevate them by showing them what's possible: connecting our small businesses with governmental contracting helps to keep our dollars local: this is essential for continuing to build and develop a strong economy for Prince George's County. 

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Public Works

Prince George's County needs to finally live up to its "Beautiful Prince George's" catchphrase. From the trash, the potholes, and the unkept streets we can do better. We don't need to tax our residents more, we need to (if necessary) do an overhaul of our agency departments to utilize the current expenditures more adequately.

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Going to work everyday and still not being able to make ends meet, live comfortably and enjoy life is unacceptable. I will fight for the working resident. I believe strongly, we must do all we can so that citizens don't have to get two and three jobs, rather they can afford to live with one.


Economic Development

One of the most important issues facing Prince George's County is sustainability, building of infrastructure, and responsible growth. There are benefits to economically developing our county (for example a stronger tax base--that doesn't have to come from the residents' already strained pockets). I am not in support of raising taxes on our residents. Instead, let's get in the room with the developers and make deals. The key, though, is to make smart deals. Why aren't developers offering scholarships as a way to demonstrate their interest in doing business in our county?

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